Hancock Homes is excited to be designing and building new custom homes here in the Austin area. Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in America and attracting a large number of individuals and families that will be making our city their new home.

We are pleased to meet the needs of families like you who are looking to design and build the custom home of your dreams here in the Austin area.

Hancock Homes can help you find the ideal location for your new home, whether in a popular new home subdivision, an individual private lot or even a spectacular lake location, such as on Lake Travis.




Live MusicCapital of the World

Austin is well known for its live music. Clubs, coffee houses, concert halls and festivals offer the widest variety of music styles and venues for Austin area residents to enjoy.


A Growing Tech

Austin is fast becoming one of the country's top tech destinations. Many of the industry's brightest minds are descending on Austin, going to work for an exploding number of high tech firms and start ups.


A Wealth of
Lifestyle Amenities

Austin and all of its surrounding  communities offer so many amenities for today's Texas families. From excellent school systems to year-round recreation, shopping, dining and entertainment venues, including music of course.