If your Hill Country home has been damaged by flood waters, our water damage restoration experts are ready to help.

The restoration team here at Hancock Homes has the knowledge, experience and equipment to handle the unique challenges of water damage restoration.

And once your home is ready for restoration construction, Hancock Homes' crews go to work to bring your home back to its original condition.

A water damage disaster in the home you love requires a prompt and thorough response. You must act as fast as possible to save as much of the affected areas as possible and minimize long term damage and maintain structural integrity.

1. In the case of a flood emergency, the first step is water extraction. As flood waters recede, our crews use industrial strength equipment to extract and remove water from your home.

2. Next we inspect the degree of damage and remove all materials that can clearly not be restored.

3. Our next step is to begin the drying process using our professional grade air movers and dehumidifiers.

4. Once the affected areas are dry, our team will begin the sanitation and cleaning process. This is crucial because of the harmful contaminants that are most likely to be found in flood waters.

5. The final step in professional water damage restoration is rebuilding and restoring your home. Once again, Hancock Homes' building professionals can handle everything, including addressing structural issues, hanging new drywall, installing flooring and cabinetry... and much more.